Coating Thickness Gauges

Coating Thickness Gauges

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 Coating Thickness Gauges :

This Coating Thickness Gauges is available in any combination of Basic, Standard and Top functionality, and as either Integral (inbuilt), Separate or Plug in integral PINIPâ„¢ probes to meet your specifications.

With its enhanced menu screens and the introduction of Bluetooth® wireless technology, the Elcometer 456 remains the most advanced, hand held coating thickness gauge available. The Integral Gauge features an inbuilt Bigfoot™ probe for stable placement, allowing for consistent and repeatable results.

Separate probe versions have an extensive range of plug in probes for measurements of a diverse range of coating thicknesses, metal substrates and shapes. The PINIPâ„¢ probe can be screwed into the base of any separate probe version converting it into an integral gauge for single handed operations. PINIPâ„¢ versions are also available for high temperature substrates.

The Elcometer 456 Standard and Top models now come with Bluetooth® wireless technology. Instant transmission to your PC or hand held data device is now possible - no more cables required. RS232 data output is available on all models.

  • Bluetooth† wireless technology for cable free data transfer
  • Fast reading rate of more than 60 readings per minute
  • Readings can be downloaded to a PC or PDA and reports created in seconds
  • Intuitive menus in multiple languages enables use straight from the box
  • IMO PSPC ready
  • Accurate and repeatable results
  • Each model is available with or without memory
  • A wide range of integral or separate probe versions
  • Gauges can measure on steel (ferrous - F) or aluminium and other non-ferrous metals (non-ferrous - N) or both
  • Large backlit screen for easy viewing in dark environments
  • Rugged and ergonomic, each gauge is designed to withstand the harshest environments

† Standard and Top models only