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We are offering a comprehensive range of kristeel-shinwa (scale, pie tape, bevel protectro) that has advanced user interface features to make it more convenient to use. These are appreciated for high end features such as durability, fine finish and excellent polish and are offered at the market leading prices. These precision engineered scales are light in weight and functions efficiently. Having flawless finish,  these scales provide accurate readings and are designed according to application. 


Product NameProduct Range
Signature Series Rules with Calibration certiUpto 1000 mm L.C 0.5 mm
Contraction Scale1% 1.5%,2%,3%
Taper Gauge 150mm Steel Rule150 mm to 3000 mm
Circumference Gauge / Pi TapeDiameter 20-300 Upto 1900-2300mm L.C 0.1mm
Depth GaugeCaliper Gauge 4”/100 mm
Screw Cutting Gauge -
Lunch MM Centre Gauge -
Screw Pitch Gauge -
Angle Gauge1`-45` 20 Blade
Feeler Gauge0.025 to 1 mm 27 Blade
S.W.G Round wire GaugeS.W.G Rectangular Wire Gauge
Orecision Engineer's Kit -
Spirit Level300 & 600 mm
4-Pc Combination Try Square2-pc Set Also Available
Radius Gauge1-7, 7.5 -15, 15.5-25 mm
Acme Screw Pitch Gauge29* 1”-12” 16 Leaves
Universal bevel Protector -
Weld Fillet Gauge -