Portable Rebound Hardness Tester TH110

Portable Rebound Hardness Tester TH110

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Main Application & Testing Range

Main application:-

- Die cavity of molds

- Bearing and other parts

- Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator and other equipment

- Heavy work piece

- The installed machinery and permanently assembled parts

- Testing surface of a small hollow space

- Material identification in the warehouse of metallic material

- Rapid testing in large range and multi measuring areas for large- scale work piece



Working Conditions:-

- Working temperature: -10c~ 50c;

- Storage temperature: -30c~ 60c;

- Relative humidity: ≤90%;

- The surrounding environment should avoid of vibration, strong magnetic field,

corrosive medium and heavy dust.


Technical Specification:-

- Measuring range: HLD (170~960) HLD

- Measuring direction :360

- Hardness scale: HL,HB,HRB,HRC,HRA,HV,HS.

- Display: dot matrix LCD, 128x64 dots

- Data memory: 500 groups max. (Relative to impact times 32~1)

- Printing paper : width is (57.5±0.5)mm, diameter is 30mm

- battery pack: 6V NI-MH

- Continuous working period: about 150 hours (with backlight off, no printing)

- Communication interface: USB1.1


  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece